Football Mad

By Alice and Arlo Murray

How to do the rainbow-flick

put the ball between your feet and then use your strong foot to push it over to your weaker foot and with your weaker foot's heel flick the ball over your head (which we find hard ourselves so don't get too upset if you can't do it yet).

How to do the L-Move

With the L move, Place your stronger foot on the ball.Then pull the ball back to where the back of your stronger foot would have been(if it was still there). Then kick the ball with the side of your foot,kick the ball past the back of your weaker foot(in cou de pie if you do ballet), (try to get the ball where you want it to go!!!)


This week Liverpool are at the top of the table leaving Man City 2 points away from the top while Huddersfeild laying low at the bottom of the table.Sadly,Huddersfeild and Fulham are going to be relegated to the Championship at the end of this season. Also,both the teams have lost their last 5 or more games. Today is Thursday 11th April 2019 by the way.Goodbye Fulahm and Huddersfeild! Football Mad Created on Neocities

Top of the tops!

Top player: Lionel Messi is the most famous football player this year.

Top team:Real Madrid are the most famous football team right now.